July 27, 2005
Worldwide toll-free numbers now free on Skype

... or why Skype totally rocks!

You'd think it's an easy thing in 2005, but calling toll-free numbers from abroad using even normal land lines are actually really difficult some times. For sure it's never free. Until now:

Skype has introduced free calls to toll-free numbers (currently in France, UK, USA and Poland, rest of the world coming up). Genius.

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Anders Jacobsen's blog: Speaking too quickly: how about FREE calls? (July 28, 2005 06:24 PM)
"So I was enthusiastic a bit too quickly regarding the introduction of free calls to 0800/+1-800-numbers with Skype yesterday. There's a competitor on the block: I have no idea HOW they can offer it, but VoIPBuster offers FREE calls to any landline (!) ..."

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