August 12, 2005
WifiDog - share, but not all

The LazyWeb is a wonderful thing. Montreal-based WifiDog seems to be doing (or have on their todo list) what I was looking for a while ago: capability to share a limited part of your wifi network connection/bandwidth with random visitors/neighbours etc.

Look forward to seeing the next version...

See also: Wired and "Sharing a bit"

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i have already a gmail account but the problem is that from the day i registered into gmail i didnt have the option for invite a friend whats the problem plz help me in getting that option plz.

Posted by: Deepthi on August 21, 2005 07:54 PM

Hi there Anders,
I have no idea where you are but I came across your blog while looking for the code to crack my dvd player.
You will be my eternal hero if you can help me, maybe even if you can't but try.
I too have an LG but DVS7800, bought in France about a year ago, and I don't speak much French (but fluent German and English. I just came back from the US with a bunch of dvds to view but discover I can't play them on my player and can't find a code to convert this player to region free.
I don't suppose you have any suggestions, do you?

Posted by: pengus on August 22, 2005 01:11 AM
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