August 31, 2005
Skype in releases new beta - improves sound quality, but no video yet

Skype 1.4 (Beta) for Windows is out, and announcements include (paid) ringtones and profile images (duh) but also call forwarding (up to three numbers in case you've absent - SkypeOut can call all three numbers simultaneously - whoever picks up first "gets" the call. The Skype blog also announces that this new version includes improved sound quality, but I still need to test this as soon as other contacts upgrade their versions. No video yet (although if you switch on "technical call info" in the Advanced Options, you'll see video call stats).

... and I've been invited to Skype's focus groups in London. Cool.

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Sound cool, I could use the call forwarding

Posted by: new age on September 3, 2005 05:52 PM

few months ago i used my visa card to buy some skype out credit. unfortunately someone stole my personal information and bought some credits for his own use, so that probably means that he is a skype user. if it hadn't been for my bank who realized what had happened who knows what else he might had done. there used to be a 24 hours help line which u could call if something went wrong and for some there is not anymore. i believe that the stuff of skype and the people in charge of skype company should seriously consider of upgrading the kind of service they provide to their costumers since all of us like skype and use it as a business tool. finally i would really be thankful if someone in charge from skype stuff got in touch with me since i would like to ask him if there is another posibility of getting robbed again.

cheers, thanos

Posted by: Athanasios Natsikas on September 18, 2005 11:30 AM
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