October 12, 2005
How can I donate to earthquake disaster victims?

A horrible earthquake has struck in the Kashmir region, and Eliot and I are once again lining up charity donations:

Check out his post here for instructions on how to get our money to the right hands (and for information on where you can donate some money yourself too!). I'll match his donations dollar by dollar! If you want to do so as well - drop him a note here!

Photo Credit: Reuters/Mian Khurshee, courtesy of Alertnet.org

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hebig.org/blog: Kashmir Disaster Aid Campaign (October 12, 2005 09:37 PM)
"Remember Anders Jacobsen's and Eliot Landrum's donation campaign to help the 2004 Tsnuami victims? You posted a list of links to aid organizations on your blog, they both donated one US-Dollar each for your posting, resulting in US$ 656. Now..."

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