October 19, 2005
Dégroupage total - how we need ye in UK!

I'm having a look for a new internet connection. I recently moved, and the new place doesn't have a BT line (or an active one, at least). This is causing a bit of a predicament, as I would like to have some decent TV channels, fast internet (and if I have to, a telephone, although this is not a fixed requirement from me, but seems to be a fixed requirement from the vendors:)

Browsing for miscellaneous package deals;

  • NTL offers TV and telephone, but no internet in my new postcode (and if you want TV, you have to take the phone line. Duh.)
  • Homechoice offers TV and internet (8 Mbit/s!) but require a BT line
  • BT offers telephone and internet but no TV
  • Bulldog offers fast Internet and their own brand telephone line, no BT requirement, but no TV
France has pulled off the degroupage total allowing for triple-play services galore (see for example the Freebox: 20 Mbit/s internet, digital TV and telephone).

Where are the super-deals in UK...? Now I need either to pay BT for a telephone, then subsecibe to Homechoice, or pay for two telephone lines: Bulldog for my internet, NTL for the TV. No go.

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