November 03, 2005
Fresh gossip about Skype Video

There is some fresh gossip about the upcoming Skype Video available at this french site, quoting 'semi-official sources' - whatever that may be:

Skype for Windows version 1.5 public beta tests certainly will be broadcasted next months (during November 2005). The final 1.5 stable version will be proposed on December 2005. The adapted versions for Mac and Linux will be launched at the beginning of 2006, probably during 1st quarter.
Skype 1.5 will have grouping of contacts plus the much hyped (and much delayed(?)) video chat function. Fingers crossed.

(For reference, the gossip aligns closely with the roadmap announced some time back)

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thanks about your quotation ...

French webmaster

Posted by: Gérard on November 8, 2005 03:05 PM
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