November 04, 2005
Readable and informative London shopping street maps

What do you get if you combine the business information in Yellow Pages / Google Local, the geographical information of Streetmaps / Multimap et al and Harry Beck's information design principles of the London Tube Map?

Why - Street Sensation of course.

I only discovered Street Sensation a few days ago while searching for a listing of gadget shops in Tottenham Court Road. What these people have done is essentially making a very visual guide for people visiting London for shopping.

For example, there are panoramic photos guiding you if you've just tumbled out of a tube station trying to find out where on earth you are (see e.g. Piccadilly, Oxford Circus etc). Very cool idea.

Furthermore there is an updated index of shops and a guide to what they sell; street by street. The maps here and here, for example, are a decent way to 'walk London' online but don't do justice to the really well-made, well-designed maps in the printed edition! They look like tube maps, but instead of lines there are roads; instead of stations there are colour-coded shops. Genius. Really really cool:

street sensation sample pages (source:

The printed guide which is quite inexpensive, but in all fairness is a just twentysomething double-page printed pages from an inkjet printer - a PDF file delivery would have worked just as well for the price (and would have been re-printable after bringing out the sheets a few times). Still - an invaluable little gem to bring if you're coming to London for your Christmas shopping.

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