November 29, 2005
Skype Video - a bet

Having been tested in closed beta user groups for quite some time, it is just a matter of time for Skype to release their Skype Video to the public:

After GIPS (fundamental VoIP technology provider to Skype) introduced a video engine in September and after Skype inadvertently (?) showed their short term development roadmap the same month, it has only been a question of when, not if, Skype Video will be launched.

Some gossip surfaced a few weeks ago, reconfirming many users' expectations.

[** Edited to remove a screenshot image depicting the face of Beta tester on that testers request **]

Tomorrow night is Skype Night London with, among others, Logitech as a 'gold sponsor'. Yep - that's Logitech the gadget-maker, most famous, perhaps, for their webcams.

Anyone want to take bets on whether Skype Video will come out almost immediately following London Skype Night? (I will be going to Skype Night, but will have to sign an NDA once I'm there, so if I shut up about Skype Video for a while, there may be a good reason)...

In the meantime, I've taken delivery of a new Logitech Fusion webcam...

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