December 07, 2005
Want to see the latest episodes of 'LOST' as they are aired in the US?

The answer to getting the latest TV for those of us living outside is not necessarily bittorrent. Until the producers start selling episodes online, we've had the rather experimental TV Brick {1, 2} as an option for sharing live TV. Another is emerging: run a video-conference with someone who has a TV-adapter in their PC and set MSN/Skype/{your video messenger tool of choice} to use the TV capture card as video source.

Even better, I just ran across SplitCam - a freeware virtual video driver letting you change video source on the fly: want to talk webcam-to-webcam but share a little piece of video on the fly? Change your virtual camera source & play away. Cool idea. (Have seen paid-for solutions in the past but we all like free...)

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I posted URl of SPLITCAM very good program , thank you it's help me !

Posted by: Alex on December 25, 2005 11:05 PM
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