December 12, 2005
Phidgets - cool idea to make your home smarter!

Cool stuff: bluedude pointed me in the direction of Phidgets - a reasonably priced I/O kit for the playing home user.

Several years ago we were playing with similar, much more expensive and much less compatible, kits at the physics labs at NTNU. Seeing this really handy USB-toy almost makes my fingers tickle :-)

Imagine a few temperature sensors in the house and humidity sensors in the bathroom / cellar linked with the Skype API to make your home send you messages if/when the house is too cold or the washing machine is leaking. ... or go further and initiate a video call any time someone rings the doorbell or if the motion detector senses any action.

Requires a bit of hacking, but very cool, no? :-)

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Hi guys. Really neat. Nana will get a kick out of it when I show her.

Posted by: Phill on January 27, 2006 06:21 PM
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