January 05, 2006
How to set up the Linksys WAG54G as a wi-fi router only

Discussed in the entry about hooking the HomeChoice modem up with a wifi router, a question / suggestion was raised: Linksys' ADSL / wifi router combination boxes WAG54G can actually be used as only a wifi-router (ignoring the ADSL router part) if you have e.g. HomeChoice (UK ISP that provides a proprietary box) or e.g. a cable modem. The criteria is that the box provides an 'ethernet plug' not an USB plug. The latest version of the HomeChoice box (pictured here) does.

I tested my old WAG54G with a standard ADSL modem box over Xmas. For some reason I couldn't get it to hook up with Telenor's standard broadband, and despite a bit of fiddling and a call to their helpdesk, I ended up just plugging in the standard plug-and-play Telenor ADSL modem to provide the connection. To make the house wireless, however, I plugged the Linksys to the ADSL modem: port 1 on the Linksys (NOT the ADSL/phoneline plug!) to port 1 on the ADSL modem.

This worked like a charm, and the last step was to make sure there was no addressing-conflict in the DHCP servers (both the ADSL modem and the Linksys router wanted to assign connecting computers an address, it seemed; the solution was to go to the Linksys config page (click to zoom) and enter the IP address of the ADSL modem, so only that would reply to DHCP queries:

wag54g dhcp setting

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Hi there,
I've read several posts about connecting the WAG54G to HomeChoice and I'm convinced it's impossible (for more than 1 PC).

If someone has managed to "fluke" a connection - for 2 pc's/laptops connected wirelessly can you please, please let me know the exact settings you're using - an entire screenshot would be great!

This posting (http://www.jacobsen.no/anders/blog/archives/2006/01/05/how_to_set_up_the_linksys_wag54g_as_a_wifi_router_only.html) seems to suggest relaying the DHCP but where does the (that's a local network address right?) come from?

Also, do I set the IP address to 'manual' or 'auto'?

Looking forward to someone being able to help me out (hopefully).


Posted by: Daron on January 24, 2006 09:09 PM

i've got a WAG354G, which seems to be a newer version of the WAG54G - so it includes a modem.

The Homechoice engineer came last night, did the install and reckoned I couldn't use my modem/router. Asked him if he could get me the IP of the set top box, which he did. I went into the router admin pages and set it to be a DHCP Relay, as described in the article above, set the DHCP Server IP address to the set top box's IP, and it connected to the Internet straight away.

Now the only problem I have is that I can't seem to find out which IP has been assigned to my router by the set top box (or directly from the Homechoice servers more likely?), so I can no longer reach the admin pages. Anyone?!

Also, i'm guessing that every time my set top box is rebooted, it's IP will change and my router won't know where to get it's IP address from?

I've heard it's not impossible to get your broadband through a different ISP though - anyone managed that?


Posted by: Burns on January 26, 2006 09:12 PM
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