January 05, 2006
VoipStunt - initial test report

So I've had a little more time to test VoIPstunt now. It actually works.

When you initially register it lets you make 1 minute time-limited calls for free to landlines in the published destinations to test sound quality etc. To get unlimited calling, they ask you to top up your account with 5 Euros (5.80 Euro if you're European, to cover VAT). Fair enough, as you can easily 'earn your money back' by calling away. Unlimited. For free.

The product seems VERY closely linked to VoipBuster. I couldn't log in using my voipbuster username/credentials, but I can add other voipbuster and voipstunt users as buddies, regardless of which of the two softwares they use.

The application's user interface is almost if not exactly identical to voipbuster, and both closely resemble the ease of use of Skype. The sound quality is impeccable. I've actually had more success making calls using voipstunt than using SkypeOut.

I'm not exactly sure how these guys are going to make money: interest off the 5 everyone's paying in? ads? people being lazy and paying for non-free calls (to other destinations, mobiles etc?). Time will tell, but as long as it lasts, this is a pretty good tool to make entirely free phonecalls! Try it!

My new list of preference is now voipstunt for outbound calls, Skype for chat + PC-to-PC calls and MSN as a backup because I have 3x more contacts there than on Skype...

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