January 18, 2006
SkypeWeb beta

Skype is testing SkypeWeb - their new web presence service where you can add an image to your website that will change depending on your status (available/away/etc).

For an example, check out the blog of Skype employee Saul; he's got an image in his right sidebar linking to this URL: http://mystatus.skype.com/saulklein

Playing with a couple of skypers' usernames yield a set of sample status images. I expect we'll all see this soon:

skype callme


Skype notavailable

Skype offline

See also Skype Buttons and Jyve Web tools

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Skype Journal: VP Saul Klein pre-announces Skype Web (January 18, 2006 07:40 PM)
"The long awaited Skype Web feature is close; for some like Saul Klein the Skype VP of marketing it is here. My Skype buddy and blogger Anders Jacobsen in London brought me this news which he got from Saul's blog...."

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