January 27, 2006
Why a little infidelity is a good thing!

The British mobile telephony market is now so competitive that not only do you get most phones for free when you sign up for a new subscription; you can even get cashback discounts, half price line rentals and more.

Last weekend I came across the best offer I've seen so far: new customers to T-mobile were offered a new mobile (choice of a number of decent new phones, including the Morotola SLVR, a Nokia, some Samsungs etc), half price line rental for 12 of 18 months (min 18 month committment required) and on top of that a free Playstation Portable.

Obviously, T-Mobile plan on recouping their expenses through international calls, roaming etc, as well as from complacent customers who stay with them on full price subscriptions once the discount period expires, but the bottom line is: for mobile phone customers switching operators as soon as their existing contracts run out their minimum connection time, there is a vast amount of deals to be had. Number portability means you can always carry your old number with you.

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Thats a great deal. I might sign up just for the playstation alone. With deals like this I can see people switching every month.

Posted by: Scuba Gear on February 2, 2006 10:55 PM
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