February 06, 2006
'Intelligent Design' - now also at NASA(!)

For those who haven't had a chance to catch up on the science versus so-called 'intelligent design' debate, check out some of these resources:

For those that have seen this discussion, read NASA Watch's latest: apparently some minion of the Bush administration is now asking NASA (yep - that's the NASA that flew to the moon) to append 'theory' behind any usage of the words Big Bang on their website. ... just to make sure that creationism is still on 'equal' footage.

Yes, the Big bang is a theory about the early development of the universe, just like evolution is a theory, but unlike 'intelligent design' they are also subject to rigorous scientific study, analysis, peer review, testing, etc. 'Indelligent design' is just Bible belt creationists preaching their stuff in another, 'scientific' guise. -- do they really deserve an equal place in education and in NASA? The answer should be obvious, but, apparently, it is not...

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