February 14, 2006

Through an interview in Dagbladet I just discovered a whole new piece of the Norwegian blog-o-sphere: Political blogs with a twist, the article (in Norwegian only, unfortunately) introduces Heidi Nordby Lunde, writing as VamPus.

Among other things, she's campaigning for a wide redistribution / republishing of the recently disputed cartoons.

Bonus link for English readers (about the recent legislation around 'racial hatred': Rowan Atkinson: Every joke has a victim:

I am not attempting to defend freedom of speech merely on behalf of my self and a few comedian friends. Freedom of speech is not the preserve of the white liberal or the black agnostic. I wish the oxygen of free expression to be available to all but it is not enjoyed by all and where its availability is most poor is often within religious communities. The very nature of a religion is that you subscribe to its beliefs at the expense of some of your individual free expression, the degree of sacrifice required depending on the nature of the faith, so it is hardly surprising that it is factions within religious communities who have lobbied so hard for this legislation. Those who are most keen to stifle the free expression of others are often those who do not enjoy true freedom of expression themselves. And therefore fear it. Much is made quite rightly of this bill's capacity to increase litigation and conflict between faiths but a little discussed aspect is the potential for its use as a weapon within faiths to stifle the voices of change. In every religion, there is a broad spectrum of faith from the most conservative to the most secular and those at the secular end, many of whom seek reform but live in fear of the demands of the devout, will derive no comfort from this bill whatsoever.

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