April 03, 2006
Multiregion hack for Philips PET710

I was very kindly given a Philips PET710 portable DVD player the other day. It's one of those things I wouldn't have decided to buy out of the blue myself, but once received & played with it's a reasonably cool gadget, not worthy of being handed over to someone via eBay.

One peeve: the player is announced on amazon as being 'multi region capable' but doesn't play Region 1 discs out of the box. A bit of searching about yielded the following reciepe for playing all zones discs on the player:

the hack to turn the PET710 into a region-free DVD player:
1. power on
2. open the DVD tray cover
from remote control:
3. press "setup"
4. navigate to the "preferences" page
5. press "OK"
6. key in "2" "5" "2" "3" "1" "5"
7. press the left arrow
8. press the down arrow
9. press "0" when region code is displayed
10. press "setup" again to exit
The bonus good news is that the player supports PAL and NTSC out of the box. Nice one, Philips!

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