April 13, 2006
I'm giving away an Actiontec Internet Phone Wizard

Are you a skyper and a regular reader?

I've been given an Actiontec Internet Phone Wizard that I won't be using, so I thought I'd give it away to any friend / family / regular reader who can argue that they'll actually use it.

The gatweay provides a way to link a Windows PC running Skype with a normal landline telephone handset. It allows you to dial as normal from your normal telephone handset and it will route the call via the SkypeOut network saving you some money. It will also make your phone ring if someone is skyping you.

The box comes with everything you need: the 'wizard' box, installation CD, a USB cable + analogue telephone adapters as well as 60 SkypeOut minutes and 1 month voicemail.

I'm giving it away because I don't have an always on Windows PC (and because I use free SIP services instead of SkypeOut for calling landlines).

Comments on the blog are off at the moment; please skype me if you want the gadget & I'll do a draw among the people who show interest.

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