July 06, 2006
The Hiatus

So I haven't posted anything here for >2 months. Apologies for the regular readers (and if you aren't you probably don't care...)

Got a chat window popping up this lunchbreak which has inspired me to reconnect the keyboard and try to start posting a bit again:

[13:27] readers' id hidden: yo, start your blog back up ...it's cool :-)
[13:28] anders: thanks
[13:28] anders: true. haven't posted for ages
[13:29] anders: who are you? a reader? :-)
[13:29] reader: I was looking for skype help over the weekend
[13:29] reader: read your review on headsets
[13:29] reader: <--just normal guy from U.S. ... well, as normal as americans are anyway :-)
[13:29] anders: :-D
[13:29] anders: glad you appreciated it
[13:29] reader: but I met this chick from lux
[13:29] reader: and had to find out about skype :-)
[13:29] anders: skype = free calling = handy
[13:29] reader: so as not to pay the phone company my small salary
[13:30] anders: also check out www.vopistunt.com for free landline calls
[13:30] reader: I saw that as well...
[13:30] reader: the internet needs more useful geek blogs :p
[13:30] reader: too much myspace crap out there ... bad bands, 13 year old girls with makeup, etc., etc.
[13:31] anders: ;-) thanks for the complement
[13:31] reader: anyway ... I suspect you stopped posting b/c you were busy so I won't hold you up ... just wanted to say thanks ...
[13:31] reader: will keep you on here
[13:31] reader: in case i need to know the weather in europe :)
[13:31] anders: thanks!
[13:31] anders: :-)
[13:32] anders: apprecaite the kick in the butt
[13:32] anders: will post sometime soon
[13:32] reader: np :)
[13:32] reader: cool
[13:32] anders: do stop by again ;-)
[13:32] reader: I will

... and so I am back online...

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