September 26, 2006
Grey market Coke in London

Reader Jerermy writes with a comment on the stories on grey market coke imports to UK from 2003:

Subject: grey market coca-cola

I had noticed this phenomenum independently, and stumbled/googled across your (3yr old) blog entry on the same subject

currently, macedonian (from skopje) coke is everywhere in the city of london.

german, spanish, dutch, and french are also common place.

no-one seems to bother with ingredients labels in english anymore.

my previous distance record was held by Nigerian coke (in a 350ml can?), only to be smashed yesterday when i got hold of some originating from.... Singapore!

this beggars belief... i.e. that it can be cheaper to buy and transport coke from almost half-way round the world, than it is to ship it from 20 miles up the A40

grey market coke imports to London 2006

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