January 11, 2007
Earbuds for sport

Greg from the US writes:

I am curious about what you think of the Shure E3C ear buds vs. the Etymotic 6i-isolater headphones. Specifically I am looking for some high quality ear buds I can use with my iPOD during sport and these two seem to be the best in my price range (preferabley under $200 USD). There seems to be some concern about the thickness, or rather the thinness, of the Etymotic product line cords.

If you have time to give me your thoughts on this subject I would appreciate it.


Although, as you do mention, the Etymotic earbuds have very very thin cords (as I also expressed my concern over when I first reviewed the ER-6 buds) but I haven't had any problems with them ever since. Granted, I mostly use mine for a few hours when out flying - not for extreme sports - but they are thin by design, so I make the assumption they've tested them for 'normal use' ++...

I've not yet tested the Shure E3C earplugs, so unfortunately I can't comment. I do, however, know they sell a lot too, and in eiher case both producs would come with some basic warranties for normal use in their lifetimes?

If anyone emails me comments about this, I will cut & paste them in here for everyone to read :-)

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