June 05, 2007
How to get special characters easily in Ubuntu

A number of different ways exist for how to easily type special characters (e.g. , Scandinavian characters like etc...)

The very easiest, using any keyboard layout (i.e. you don't need a country-spesific keyboard) is to enable the 'compose key' in the Keyboard Preferences:

Ubuntu Keyboard Preferences Layout Options Compose Key

When enabled, one can hold down AltGr, then type:

  • AltGr + o then / =
  • AltGr + / then o = (the same result:you can usually switch around the sequence without any impact on the resulting character)
  • a then a =
  • s + s =
  • C + = makes an
  • o + " (normal quotes) makes an
  • ...
  • (use your creativity, I've yet to find a limit for which characters can be generated like this

More information @ DebianAdmin: Special Characters made easier in Ubuntu and more funky stuff GNOME can do to prevent RSI at the Ubuntu Blog.

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