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October 02, 2003

Why I am not buying Lene Marlin's new CD

I'm old-fashioned. I'm the kind of guy that, despite being "online" in all sorts of ways, is still buying those good old CDs. When record companies push "near"-CDs (with "copy protection") I don't buy. Bad for business, I'd say. MORE...

August 18, 2002

Sony NetMD upload petition sent with 2000 signatures

The Sony NetMD MiniDisc players are great & cool - it's brilliant to be able to rip CDs right onto the MiniDisc and to convert MP3s directly. However, it's a... MORE...

July 18, 2002

My new MZ-N1 NetMD

I just came back from the shop with my new Sony MZ-N1 Net MD player. MORE...