December 17, 2003

Aviation is 100 years. George Monbiot writes a good summary on whether this necessarily is good or bad
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Oakhurst Dairy in Portland, US, states on their milk cartons: "Our farmers' pledge: no artificial growth hormones." I'd buy that. But of course, they get sued by Big Pharma for implying their milk is better. Nothing ever changes, does it...
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December 16, 2003

Darn flashy gadget

It's not yet Christmas (hint hint) : The latest from Japan is the TRON PC (photo) (via Heiko). Wow. Cool. :-) Maybe not useful as such, but the gadget-factor is enormous!
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December 11, 2003

What makes a good Integration Developer?

This is a great article: What Makes a Good Integration Developer? (via The Architect)
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Underground London

Underground London shows an interesting alternative to the familiar tube map: "Tube planners intended to [bomb] connect the shelters after the [second world] war, creating a new high-speed Northern Line running deep between the city. It never happened." (via iokanaan via interconnected)
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December 05, 2003

Japan SAQ (Seldom asked questions) - there should be more of those...
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December 03, 2003

Turnip Prize

CLASSIC UK humour: "James Timms said he was "shocked and overwhelmed" to win the Turnip Prize, the West's most worthless art award for his rubbish art work. His raw chicken stuffed with leaves, entitled Take a Leaf From My Chuck, took the prize offered at The New Inn, Wedmore. The award was founded by pubgoer Trevor Prideaux five years ago as a parody of the Tate Gallery's Turner Prize."
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