February 25, 2004

Brad Templeton on Open Source voting booths

Brad Templeton has a great entry on how Open Source voting machines could be used to enable secure yet low-cost automated voting. Cool.
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February 20, 2004

Google fun of the day

Google for Bush's foreign friends for a good laugh. (by Douwe Osinga, via jill)
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What you can't say on US TV

What you can't say on US TV: F-word and similar words "to describe or depict sexual and excretory organs and activities." [...]
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February 17, 2004

US Campaign Watchbloggers

jill/txt: watchblogs: ''Watchbloggers are (generally anonymous) bloggers who are each assigned one journalist covering the U.S. presidential campaign [...]'' Links etc
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February 16, 2004

Got any Gum?

thinkbottle - some drawings and doodles by jim mcbride, like this one: " got any chewing gum?"
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How to handle bugs well

Software bugs: How to report bugs & How to reply to the bug submitter (via Stefan)
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The brother of a friend of mine plays in the Luxemburg-based band Low Density Corporation. Check them out... and if you've got a click to spare, vote for their participation at the upcoming EuroConcert show in Hungary? Thanks.
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February 13, 2004

Taking a trip on the weird side

Taking a trip on the weird side: Don Park on Social Software and Dead People (via Tim)
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February 12, 2004

The BuddyLinks story has been picked up by CNN.
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Scary-cool: Decompression bombs: 7k attachments that unzip to 100Gb(!) and crash the antivirus checker... (via Ben)
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February 11, 2004

Don Park demos Visual Spoofing. Be careful.
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Worth noting for companies using internal weblogs: Redirect outbound links to avoid competitors/customers/others to see you're linking to them (from your /blogs/the_CEO/2004 /02/we_need_to_crush_ these_companies.html ;)
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Man sues Cable company

Man sues Cable TV company: ''I believe that the reason I smoke and drink every day and my wife is overweight is because we watched TV every day for the last four years.'' (via Suzi and Kjetil)
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February 10, 2004

Sharing, hating and loving the iPod

I'm listening to my iPod right now. Others are sharing, hating and loving the iPod. (MetaFilter)
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Bravo l'Artiste!

London Review of Books: Bravo l'artiste (about Rupert Murdoch): ''looking at the accounts, that the company’s profits, declared in Australian dollars, were A$364,364,000 in 1987, A$464,464,000 in 1988, A$496,496,000 in 1989 and A$282,282,000 in 1990. The odds that such figures were a happy coincidence are 1,000,000,000,000 to one. That little grace note in the sums is accountant-speak for ‘Fuck you.’ Faced with this level of financial wizardry, all the ordinary taxpayer can do is cry ‘Bravo l’artiste!’'' (via Ben, who gives Murdoch ''0 out of 10 for scruples, 10 out of 10 for style''. Rightly so.)
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February 09, 2004


SpamPal - something SpamAssassin-like for Windows. Freeware. (via Jan Tore)
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IE5 is IE5 except when it isn't

Arve Bersvendsen on hack-free CSS for Internet Explorer: IE5 is IE5 except when it isn't...
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Christian Fundamentalism at American Airlines: pilot plugs Christianity: ''An American Airlines pilot asked Christians on his flight to identify themselves and suggested the non-Christians discuss the faith with them, the airline said. ''
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February 04, 2004

Christian Stigen Larsen: New mobile-tech feature may open up for more spam
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Is UP always the best direction for a career?

Curt Rosengren: Is UP always the best direction for a career?
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How to manage smart people

UIweb.com: How to manage smart people (via Martin)
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February 03, 2004

Peter Norvig on "Google Bombing" and what Google does about it
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The Swedes are having a weird problem...
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The Best Presidential photo.. ever! - Pointy-Haired Boss anyone?? (via The Prandial Post)
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Ask Yahoo: Whose law governs the International Space Station and outer space? - the answer is surprisingly thorough.
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Low-cost Mars research ;-)

New Zealand Herald reports: "While five probes - including two robot rovers - explore Mars, a Sydney scientist's pet dingo-kelpie cross may have found the evidence so many have been seeking. [...]" (via David Galbraith)
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Camera phones - a criminal's paradise?

Interesting on using photo phones to snap credit card details & signatures: Picture phones are criminal's paradise: "If someone is standing a little too close to you while using a cell phone, it is better to politely ask him or her to kindly allow more space than to become a victim of identity theft" (via picturephoning via Eirik)
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Confirmed Email Privacy Hole at Orkut

Life With Alacrity: Confirmed Email Privacy Hole at Orkut
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February 02, 2004

An illustration of spam

Tom Coates: A cartoony illustration of spam... (via Camilo)
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spam log

The 80-something comment spam-attempts to my blog over the weekend are depicted in the log below (Movable Type users, click to zoom for a laugh):
My MT Log after this weekend (click to zoom)
I am happy to inform that MT Blacklist caught every single attempt.
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