March 30, 2004

Live in Austin?

Live in Austin? Help Danah catch these people (via Eirik)
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Birds and condolances

Beautiful photos of Great tits!. Condolances to Sensiti for his recent loss.
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Dave Pollard on readership

Dave Pollard provides tips on readership for new (and existing) bloggers. (via Heiko)
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March 26, 2004

Charles' rules of argument

Charles' rules of argument (via Mark)
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March 11, 2004

George Michael stops selling CDs

George Michael is retiring from conventional album sales, and instead will sell his music online for charity, according to the BBC. (via Ben)
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March 10, 2004

Protection against the press?

Jarle: Protection against the press?
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March 03, 2004

Burning twenties - for real?

RFIDbuzz summarizes the state of the Background research on the ''burning US 20 dollar bills'' story with input from BoingBoing and Frank.
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March 02, 2004

Calvin and Hobbes

All Calvin and Hobbes stripes ever published. Searchable. Wow. (via Rob's sideblog)
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