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The Cleric Quintet
This is a repost from my site because i have recently found a great little site called The Book Review MORE »
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The Thousand Orcs
This was an excellent book overall and I'd recommend it to anyone who are fans of Drizzt and co. However, i wouldn't place this book over any of the Icewind or Legacy of the Drow series. I'd rate it around Sea of Swords for those who have read i... MORE »
posted in Loss for words 2002-11-05 07:21

Dragons of Autumn Twilight
Evil dragons have returned to Krynn and it is up to an unlikely group of heroes to wage battle with the Queen of Darkness for control of the world. Fans of fantasy novels such as Lord of the Rings and Dungeons and Dragons will find these books an easy ... MORE »
posted in Loss for words 2002-12-03 03:08

Dragons of Winter Night
Dragon's of Winter Night is the second installment in Margeret Weiss and Tracy Hickman's Dragonlance Chronicles series. It continues the story of 9 companions who battle the Queen of Darkness and attempt to save their world from the Dragon Army. MORE »
posted in Loss for words 2002-12-09 01:37

Dragons of Spring Dawning
I felt this was the best book in the series mostly because of the climactic battles, the resolution in the story and the fact that the gods of good finally reveal themselves to the companions (was a cool moment). There were lots of fight scenes, includ... MORE »
posted in Loss for words 2002-12-16 02:36

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