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The Lodger
Renting out a room can be hell, especially when you’re used to living on your own. There’s something very threatening about letting a lodger into your private space, never quite knowing if they are who they say they are. What... MORE »
posted in Scott's place 2003-04-02 18:56

A Dangerous Thing
A group of university archaeologists are camped out in a Californian forest. One of the team, of Native American descent, is convinced the place is haunted – and the weird nighttime sounds that are spooking them all out are slowly... MORE »
posted in Scott's place 2003-04-02 18:59

The Ropemaker's Daughter
We've all told little white lies on a first date. First impressions matter, we're always being told, so it pays to come across as interesting as possible. A little hint of thrill in one's job here, a dark secret in... MORE »
posted in Scott's place 2003-04-02 19:00

The Sacrifice
[Written for Gay.com UK] Anybody who's grown up gay in a small village will know how important it can suddenly become when you meet someone like you; someone who shares your secret. Greg Chaley, the hero of new novel The... MORE »
posted in Scott's place 2003-04-02 19:02

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