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Mini review: Salmon of Doubt
Mini review: Salmon of Doubt (Douglas Adams) I just finished reading Douglas Adam's Salmon of Doubt on today's flight. Although MORE »
posted in andersja's blog 2002-08-07 21:08

Review: Neal Stephenson: Snow Crash
If you have no interests in computers what so ever, stay away - this book was unfortunately not written for you. If you are interested in an alternative outlook on what a '3D Internet' may look like in an alternative future, check it out... MORE »
posted in andersja's blog 2002-09-30 18:43

New Jedi Order
Je viens tout juste de terminer le 10e livre de la série New Jedi Order et je trouve cette MORE »
posted in The Maelström 2002-10-20 20:23

As Solaris was made into a new movie, I decided to read the book again before seeing the movie. I MORE »
posted in Reflective Surface 2002-12-28 01:19

The Man in the High Castle
The Man in the High Castle is one of the best books written by Philip K. Dick (the same author MORE »
posted in Reflective Surface 2003-01-17 01:31

Lord of Light
Although I already knew Roger Zelazny as one of the great names of fantasy and science fiction, I had never MORE »
posted in Reflective Surface 2003-01-23 01:33

The Door into Summer
The Door into Summer is a delightful book by Robert Heinlein, one of the great masters of Science Fiction. Written MORE »
posted in Reflective Surface 2003-01-28 00:29

The City and the Stars
A review of The City and the Starts, by Arthur Clarke, of the the best science fiction books of all times, and one of the most poetic visions of the future in literature. MORE »
posted in Reflective Surface 2003-04-20 21:57

A Canticle for Leibowitz
A review of A Canticle for Leibowitz, the grim Hugo-winning masterpiece of Walter M. Miller, Jr. MORE »
posted in Reflective Surface 2003-04-22 22:17

Childhood's End
A review of Childhood's End, by Arthur Clarke, one of classics of the Golden Age of Science Fiction, considered by many Clarke's masterpiece. MORE »
posted in Reflective Surface 2003-05-11 18:36

Mini-review: ''Down and out in the Magic Kingdom''
Whuffie: part monetary currency, part a human ''Google PageRank''; this ''reputation currency'' measures a citizen's popularity and respect from other people. [...] MORE »
posted in Anders Jacobsen's Blog 2003-05-13 23:11

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