August 07, 2002
Various Test Pings

This is the section for Test Pings. Thanks for testing using this category instead of to the regular categories. It reduces my work and limits your embarassment ;-) To post reviews to this site, please do the following:
  • If you are a Movable Type-user, please copy the below URL to the "URLs to Ping" when you create your entry
  • If you don't use MT or another "Trackback"-enabled publishing tool, give MT a try.
"Spamming" the directory will not be accepted. I'm fairly liberal as to what consitutes a book review, but please select the appropriate category if possible, and please submit only once. The "Unsorted" category should generally just be used if you can't find a suitable category for your review, or if you can't be bothered to set up multiple category-pings...

(Tip of the day: set up category pings for your most common categories and create a Category ping for "Unsorted" only when you have reviews outside your usual categories)

If you post in a language other than English, please indicate by writing the Language Name in the beginning of the Excerpt (for example: "[French] ...(your excerpt here)" ). Thanks!
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