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ALL available information on Norwegian weather


Updated weather map
[CNN Weather Pages]
CNN Weather Forecast, Europe
[Yahoo! Weather]

[Meteo France]

[IGES - Temperature Forecast]

Satellite images


[DNMI - photo - updated frequently]

[Meteosat - IR photo - updated half-hourly 24hrs/d]

[Meteosat - photo - updated half-hourly on daytime]

[Yahoo! Weather]

Satellite Image
[Meteo France - 4 photos - updated every 6 hours]
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0000 UTC/GMT
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0600 UTC/GMT
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1200 UTC/GMT
1800 UTC
1800 UTC/GMT


[UK Met. Office - very good photo - updated every 6 hours]

Click here for a large version of the image

bokkilden.no - alltid gode tilbud For de virkelig værinteresserte anbefales boka "Norsk vær i 100 år". Bestill den nå. Det finnes også en dagbok der du kan notere dine egne observasjoner: "Norsk værdagbok 1999" Bestill. Bokkilden har også bøker om sport og fritid, data og internett med mer!

Weather observations

[FU-Berlin - Temperature map]
Observed Temperatures, Europe
Legend: Temperature Map Legend
[Freese-Notis Weather Inc.]
Observed Precipitation, Europe
[Ocanweather - Measured Weather at buoys]


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