September 23, 2002
PaSaMuF - P2P Document Management

PaSaMuF is a filesharing system which indexes and shares common document types (Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF, HTML, XML, plain text, etc). Still under construction, PaSaMuF extracts information from the documents along with basic file metadata to ease searching. More in the project description:

The project goal is to implement a tool for sharing documents over the internet.

Unlike Gnutella or Morpheus, the tool is meant to be used by small communities to have a simple and reliable document sharing/management solution that works cross-plattform.

The application will support common file formats like PDF, DOC, XML, etc. The system analyses those document types and extracts meta informations that are useful for other peers searching for documents.

As we do not want to reinvent the wheel, the system will use many commonly used
software products available for free. [...]

(via InfoAnarchy)

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There is a cool document management software product called inforouter and their web site includes a section called the "Sandbox". Users can to try their product for an unlimited amount of time. It's all web based and very robust. Before you go off and build, take a look at their product. Their URL is
We use their system when we are on the road at food shows and it allows us to download and upload our documents where ever we are.

Posted by: Samuel Walters on November 28, 2005 02:36 PM
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