May 13, 2004
Wearable computers are happening!

Seen in Forbes: Wearable Wireless Displays Are In Sight

I wrote my thesis on wearable computers more than 4 years ago; it's fun to see that this once sci-fi product is actually picking up commercial traction and potentially becoming more mainstream as the prices continue to go down. The article mentions that long-time micro display makers MicroOptical are backed by Essilor, the mass market manufacturer of eyeglasses - this is obviously a great helper to get the products, once form, weight and price is right - out to the broad marked of already eyeglass-weraring users (I'd readily switch mine for an "augmented" pair! ;-).

Interesting perspective I didn't think about when I wrote the thesis (and when WAP was already fading as the buzzword-du-jour:

"We've talked to a lot of wireless telecom executives, and they're very interested in replacing cell phone displays with these kinds of glasses," Basler says. "These companies want to be able to sell consumers more and more display-intensive functions that will use up air time, but in order to do that they'd have to make the handsets so big that no one would buy them. That's where we come in." Possible partners also include phone makers like Motorola, Nokia and Samsung.


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