February 07, 2005
SMS.ac warning

A number of friends on MSN / hotmail have been messaging me and asking me to use SMS.ac. For anyone using it: You should all check your phone bills and / or read the below warnings before signing up (apparently the signup itself triggers the "recommendation" messages automatically, not entirely unlike BuddyLinks):

Russel Beattie:

I got billed for $25 on my carrier bill from this service a while ago after signing up then getting all this SMS spam constantly for days. I finally went in and shut all the stuff off within a week or so, but at the end of the month it turns out that all those messages were Premium SMS messages! Bastards. Honestly, though, I figured I had missed something during the signup and didn't think to write about the con.
Joi Ito:
I clicked through the signup process without finally completing it, but unwittingly gave the service access to my MSN IM information. This spammed my whole buddy list with invitations. It was unintuitive to unregister even though I hadn't completed the registration process. Also, I heard from someone that if you don't unregister, the service continues to send invites to people you add to your buddy list. Anyway, I have no idea if the service is interesting, but the the fact that you invite your whole buddylist before you actually try the service and the difficulty and deleting your account makes me skeptical about it.

(via Mobile in Denver)

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my piece:

Usually I never sign up anything easily online, I got 4 invitation by a friend who I didnt contact with for 5 years so finally I go there, and i saw my friend face picture so I thought it could be real that my friend wanna keep in touch with me so I put on my email address and then mobile number, however, I found something strange as it force me to accept the agreement of the terms to charge me money per sms, so I quit.

But then I start hearing ppl talking about it as it is a scam and i did recieve sms from that sms.ac 3 times to ask me to activate

Posted by: littleoslo on February 12, 2005 07:56 AM

how i will use this www.SMS.ac in saudi arabia please would u help me

Posted by: shams on March 1, 2005 04:59 PM

im a current free member of sms.ac and never entered any mobile phone so im not being billed by them, luckily for me i lived in the Philippines. they have a new one flirting im trying it out too. just don't enter your mobile numbers to it.

Posted by: William Nabaza on March 12, 2005 10:50 AM

Thanks for this thread about sms.ac. I got an invitation from "Marial Ljung". I do not know any person with that name and it is a little werid spelling, too. So I checked it up on altavista and found this site. Thanks.

Posted by: Herrman (Sweden) on August 26, 2005 07:56 PM
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