April 26, 2005
Google Maps UK

Biggest discovery of last week: Google Maps UK as well as Google Local and SMS. Genius. Better than Streetmap, multimap and the lot we used before. Looks like it's beating UpMyStreet as well... Chris explains how to use it on your mobile phone as well (although my screen is too small to get anything useful from the maps)

A couple of bugs to be tweaked: you can't drive around town in minutes (London average car speed is under 30 km/h) much less find parking in either end of your trip, so Google Maps for London should implement TfL JourneyPlanner-like features instead (include bus, tube and walking options; see advanced search options).

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Lasses hjemmeside: maps.google.co.uk (April 27, 2005 10:42 AM)
"Jeg har tidligere skrevet om Googles kart-tjeneste, hvor en enkelt kunne komme seg rundt i hele USA uten å løfte rompa fra kontorstolen. Og nå kan vi sannelig dra til storbritannia, også!"

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