August 22, 2008
Website usability: optimise the experience - don't ask users again for data you've already got

Clicking an online advertising banner for Nike ID, I noted something interesting: Nike already knew where I was and my language preference (supplied by either Google AdWords page context or Geolocation), yet they required me to take the time to give them the same information again in order to progress to their site.

The Nike URL was:[...]

Leading to this screen:


Vaguely related: Flemish authorities pledge never to ask for information they already have:
The new eGovernment Decree commits the Flemish authorities to never requesting particular information from citizens that is already available in government databases.


When a public authority needs information, it usually asks citizens and companies directly for it. However, this information is often already held by another Flemish or federal authority. We want to get rid of this [multiple] information flow [...]

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