January 30, 2004

Interesting perspectives on Orkut

apophenia: venting my contempt for orkut (via Martin via Joi Ito)
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Why you should read Terms of Services and Privacy Policies

Arve Bersvendsen: Why you should read Terms of Services and Privacy Policies (on orkut.com and others..)
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January 29, 2004

Solving comment spam

Simon Willison: Solving comment spam: "Comment spam is a solvable problem. Furthermore, blogging about comment spamming is almost as dull as blogging about blogging. Let's hurry up and solve it so we can go back to blogging about cats." (via Phil via comments at bd)
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January 27, 2004


Jarle receives threats from a company called Nikken after linking to an article critical to their "scientific" claims and "pyramid/MLM"-style marketing (incidentally written by another Norwegian weblogger, Morten Wang). Can bullies stop webloggers' voice? Hopefully not. (more info on Nikken here)
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The Price of Free

Håkon Styri on the price of Free (in Norwegian) - on the Terms and Conditions of Orkut and other "free" services, asking the users for the right to own, publish and resell any materials (photos/ texts) the users submit through the services.
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January 22, 2004

Why digital cameras = better photographers

BBC: Why digital cameras = better photographers (via Jarle)
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I think this is great! Estate of McDonald's Heiress to Donate $1.5 Billion to Salvation Army: "In one of the largest individual charitable gifts ever, the estate of McDonald's heiress Joan B. Kroc is about to drop a one-time cash donation of $ 1.5 billion into the Salvation Army kettle [...]"
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January 21, 2004

Microsoft *nix

Anil Dash: Microsoft *nix: awk, grep, sed, tr, cut, tar, cpio, less, at, cron and batch. Even bind, sendmail, ftp, gcc, gdb, and make... for Windows! (via Adam)
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101 Ways to Save the Internet

Paul Boutin: 101 Ways to Save the Internet (via culturekitchen)
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Get a 4gb Microdrive for $200 below retail, and it comes with a free mp3 player!

Ooooh; CLEVER! My camera only has a 512 Mb CompactFlash card....: How to get a 4gb Microdrive for $200 below retail, and it comes with a free mp3 player too! (via MintChaos)
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January 19, 2004

Consulting Lessons Learned

Jeff Nichols: How to be a successful consultant: "I look back on my consulting work of a decade ago and I'm embarrassed for the younger me. So I've decided to share some of the practical lessons I've learned along the way." (via Adam). See also The hidden job description and Your are a project manager
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2600 spam comments deleted after this weekend. Come on; this is getting silly. MT Blacklist updated, new blacklist for interested people available here (do block *.hot-photos.net before they do any more damage - I had more than a thousand spams from them alone)
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January 16, 2004

MSNBC reports: "NASA's Spirit Rover is providing a lesson to aspiring digital photographers: Spend your money on the lens, not the pixels." (via blogtures via heiko)
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January 15, 2004

Dull security at Dulles - a man was caught AFTER flying from US to London carrying bullets(!)
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January 13, 2004

Sheer genius: BBC to broadcast silent orchestra: "The BBC is to broadcast a live radio performance of an orchestra playing four-and-a-half minutes of silence. John Cage's seminal work 4'33" will be the highlight of a concert on Radio 3.[...]" (via xo)
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Fast Company on NASA Space Shuttle software development processes: "Houston, we have a problem," may make for a good movie; it's no way to write software.
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January 12, 2004

Bibliotekvakten.no offers Norwegians instant "chat" style access to live librarians. (via digi.no)
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Adam's been featured on MSNBC. Congrats.
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Burger King customers told: 'You are too fat to have a Whopper' - Creative "hacking"! Cool! :-)
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68 new domains

I just deleted 600 (!) spam-comments in my blog. Not a fun start of the morning. A lot of help from MT Blacklist did the trick, but none of the URLs the spammers used were picked up by the original filter, nor were any of the IP adresses identical. If someone wants a head start on beating these bastards, the 68 new (and all my old) blocked domains are available for download here.
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January 08, 2004

Sky News reports: An unlucky patient went into surgery bearing the words "I love women" tattooed on his leg but when he came out it read "I love men".
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Norwegian blogger's shop in the news

Norwegian blogger Jarle's webshop Trygg og Sikker got some free advertising in newspaper VG today! Ice crust seems to be the way forward in icy Norway! (it removes the layer of water on top of ice that makes it slippery for old ladies to walk up their stairs...)
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January 02, 2004

Congratulations, Jorunn & Eirik!

Congratulations Jorunn & Eirik (2 Norwegian bloggers got married on New Year's Eve)!
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